Martin Parr Talk

Posted: Sunday, 31 January 2010 | Posted by Adam Townend |

As part of the IP week I went along to the Martin Parr talk. Although I didn't know alot about Photography this was the only event of interest to me from the list of events covered. (I had attended the enterprise talk on intellectual property and pricing my services, and was advised not to attend other talks of the same subject).

The talk itself was informative as I was not familiar with his work before the talk, and was interested to see some of the examples he had for us. Purely in a business sense, I found that he was part of a online agency named magnum, where the rights to his photography was sold to anyone who wanted to use it. He used this as his main source of income as well as being commissioned to do various projects.

The talk was short and focussed purely on the artistic side and so I didn't get much of the business side out of it but I am now a fan of his work at least.